It was one of travel that I didn't even plan, but it changed my day life. One evening my friend wrote me a simple message suddenly proposing me to visit her in Cannes because she have a holiday-week-end and she wanted to relax and have fun. So, of course, it was an amazing opportunity to see a new city for me. 

So I took a train early morning from Montpellier, it took 4 hours to get in Cannes, it was pretty long, but the road is really beautiful when the train goes near the sea, and you have mountings from the other side, feeling so wild with these scary rocks in the water. Amazing bays with ports,  views change themselves so quickly. Arriving in the city, it feeling so ...south...even in Montpellier I don't feel it. You arriving in a different world.

The feeling of summer this city gives you immediately. The center you can easily walk by feet, there is no museums or monuments or must-have to visit places. A lot of people just walking and enjoying the life. It was the preparation for the Festival of Cannes 2016 and a lot of tourists booked their hotels in advance to see the celebrities. Near the Palace of Congress, there is an alley of hands of celebrities.​

Beautiful villas and lots of flowers from Cannes...

Quite calm and relaxing place. As I said before there is not so much place to go (by your feet) so everyone just walks on the beach. But I love travelling even for one or two days. It inspires me to work harder and to create more things. ​