One-day shooting in lavender fields in Provence, from 01/07 to 25/07 : Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Montpellier


individual session



  • 1H Shooting in lavender fields ;
  • 15 photos in detailed retouching;
  • Photos are ready in 2 weeks;


for 2 people and more



  • 1,5H Shooting in lavender fields;
  • 25 photos in detailed retouching;
  • Photos are ready in 2 weeks;

I draw your attention that if you do not want me to share your photos in my social networks, then pay attention to the conditions of confidential shooting below.


  • Hairstyle and make-up: 150€
  • Retouch of the additional picture: 10€
  • Transfer of ready material within 2 days: 150€

  • Transfer of all good photos with color correction: 100€
  • Car transfer to the fields and back (depends of your hotel) from 100€
  • Shooting in the conditions of full confidentiality: +150€ to the main cost


- Where should I come to get to the photo shoot with you?

- Lavender fields are located in the city of Valensole, the hotel can be viewed in the nearby Manosque or in the Valensole. If you want I can advise you a good house on airbnb. If you want makeup and hairstyle, then you will need to come to a make-up artist in Manosque. We will pick you up from the hotel for a shooting. If you are flying from another country, then the nearest airport is Marseille, then Nice. 

- What time will the photo session take place?

- I shoot only 2 shots per day: at the sunrise and at the sunset. Dawn of the sun I love more, but it's up to you. In Provence it is very hot and even one hour after dawn you will not get such magical pictures that you see in my photos. I don't want to make ugly photos, so the photo session time is strictly determined by the time of sunrise / sunset.

- How many variants of clothes will we have time to change? How many fields will we visit? What do you do in an hour?

- I live not far from Provence, and I know the most suitable locations for filming. We will not shoot in the same field - we'll visit a few, as well as at your request, a field of sunflowers and wheat. It depends on the period of blooming. The beginning of July it is lavender and wheat. End of July it is sunflowers and wheat. You will have time to change 1-2 outfits.

- I want to shoot, what should I do to book a place?

- Reservation fee is 30% of the shooting. Leave a comment on the site, I will send you the details to pay for the survey. The place is considered reserved if you have received a confirmation of the availability of places and paid the deposit. In case of refusal of your coming for 30 days before the shooting - the deposit will not be refundable. In case of cancellation of travel by photographer on force-majeure circumstances, the deposit will be transferred. If you have any more questions for me, I will be happy to answer them: