Where to find lavender fields in provence 2022?
Lavender Guide
Visit the biggest lavender fields in the world in Provence, France
Lavender, wheat, fields of sunflowers, sage and haystacks, Provence is probably the most colorful region of France, where landscapes change so quickly that you want to stop time and enjoy.
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In Provence, in different departments, there are many different fields and they are all beautiful in their own way, there are truly endless fields that amaze with their beauty from infinity, and there are field with a view on ancient villages.
So, let's start with the fact that not only lavender grows in Provence, but also lavandin - a specially grown variety of lavender, the fundamental difference of which is its height. Lavandin grows much higher than lavender, on the stems of lavandin there can be not one, but 3 spikelet inflorescences. Lavandin essential oil contains 7% more camphor, so its smell is stronger, stronger and even 'medical' than that of angustifolia lavender oil.

While true lavender only grows in the highlands (about 600 meters - about 2000 feet above sea level), lavandin grows abundantly and safely in lower ground (400 - 600 meters), which makes this plant easier to cultivate.

The yield of lavandin is many times greater than the yield of lavender, lavandin is less susceptible to pests and diseases. Lavandin produces more essential oil than other types of lavender can produce from a field of the same area. And the oil is much cheaper! From 1 hectare of sown area, you can get from 8 to 30 kg of lavender oil. Lavandin from such an area gives up to 220 kg of essential oil.

It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
a map of lavender fields
Lavender map
on this map of lavender fields, you can easily navigate the flowering time of the fields

Lavender fields of Plateau Valensole

Field #1 – Terraroma
GPS: 43.8191, 5.93266

Terraroma is an iconic lavender farm in Provence, and it’s a beautiful spot for photos. Park opposite the lavender field, by the distillery, and take care crossing the road. Wander up the divide between the lavender fields and you’ll find respite from the crowds, and another less frequented lavender field behind.

This Valensole lavender field is a great place to photograph groups, as there are wider lanes between the rows of lavender.

It is also a field that the french designer Jacquemus held his show.
Field #2 – Lavandes Angelvin - The heart tree
GPS: 43.824036, 5.937074

This is the most popular lavender field in Valensole plateau. Here you can always meet everyone, photographers, bloggers and a lot of tourists of course. It cannot be missed when you head to the village of Valensole. The beautiful scenery is especially wonderful at sunrise and sunset. In the far field are two trees, one of which, with the right angle, turns into a heart shape.

Field #3 - Lavandes Angelvin

GPS: 43.824036, 5.937074

Not far from the previous field, if you drive further towards Valensole, on the left you will see a beautiful field where there are much fewer tourists. If you're planning a photo shoot and don't want to compete with the crowd, this might be a great option.

Field #5

GPS: 43.88628, 6.05534

One of the most beautiful fields, at dawn and at sunset. A field with hills that give it such a magical infinity. It seems that this field goes far beyond the horizon.

Be careful, the lavandin on the Valensole plateau is very high. These bushes are over 15 years old! I am personally friends with the owners of these fields, and I know firsthand how hard it is for farmers if the field is spoiled by tourists.

There are a lot of bees in every lavender field. A bee will never sting unless you disturb it and make it uncomfortable. She will think many times before biting you, because after a bite she immediately dies! So don't jump over the bushes, don't pick the lavender, don't trample it.
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Field #7

GPS: 43.89574, 6.11351

Driving away from Puimisson, towards Riez, you’ll find a remarkable lavender field with a traditional stone house placed perfectly among the purple rows. This is one of the most authentic fields in Valensole plateau. The oldest lavandin grows here, it is over 15 years old.

Field #8

GPS: 43.851485 6.110340

A smaller field, but perfectly formed and very quiet. The light at sunset was just perfect for portraits or family photos.


The flowering time of lavender (end of June - mid-August) is a conditional concept, with an error of plus or minus 2 weeks. The rainier the spring in the south of France, the later the lavender blooms.

The flowering period also depends on the region. The Luberon and the Rhone Valley are the earliest to bloom - mid-June-mid-July. They are then joined by Valensole and Drome Provencal in early July. Here, the lavender bloom ends at the latest on July 25th. The Sault territory completes the lavender flowering - by August 10th.

Lavender begins to be harvested during its mass flowering, when 50% of the inflorescences bloom. Therefore, you need to catch beauty in the middle of the flowering period. Otherwise, you can find green fields instead of lilac ones.

It is believed that the most win-win option to see the lavender fields in bloom is to come to Provence in July. Most people think so, and therefore it is in July that the most famous lavender locations are occupied by crowds of tourists dreaming of a picturesque photo shoot. Local residents prefer to admire the flowering before the start of the tourist rush - in the 20th of June.
Lavender Field Precautions

Lavender is a well-known honey plant, so most of the fields are surrounded by apiaries, and therefore bees. The risk of being stung is quite high, so stock up on antihistamines and Apistop ointment, which is used by professional beekeepers.

Local guides scare tourists with vipers, scorpions and advise putting on rubber boots before going for a walk in the lavender surroundings.

Lavender is a shrub, so it feels tough and prickly to the touch, not soft and fluffy like it looks in the photos.


The easiest way to visit the lavender fields of Provence is to rent a car. So you do not depend on schedules and will be everywhere at a convenient time for you.

You can also join one of our groups - group of photographers or group of tourists/models, we have a very convenient travel program and also photo shoots with a professional photographer.

If you still decide to travel by train, then you need to get to the city of Aix-en-Provence and then to the city of Manosque. From there you can already look at the bus schedule. But be careful, buses between cities can rarely run.

Lavender fields in Provence is a unique place in France that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. This is a great place of solitude with nature, unhurried French towns and wonderful smells of lavender and lavandin!

I wish everyone to be here!
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